This Husband-Wife Duo Is Changing the Face of Wellness Spirits

September 26, 2023

Life & Style features Adam and Amanda Kroener, entrepreneurs shaking up the spirits industry with their line of carb-free, sugar-free, gluten-free canned cocktails under the Carbliss brand. This dynamic entrepreneurial husband and wife team saw a gap in the ready-to-drink beverage market for great-tasting, low-calorie cocktails. They decided to fill it with their unique creations.

With Adam’s background as an award-winning CEO and military veteran paired with Amanda’s keen business sense, this duo has shaken up the spirits world in a big way. After struggling to find appealing low-carb options to enjoy while on the keto diet, the Kroeners took matters into their own hands. Blending Adam’s passion for flavors with Amanda’s eye for sensible nutrition panels, Carbliss was born.

The Carbliss line boasts an array of tantalizing flavors like Black Raspberry, Lemon Lime, Pineapple, and Strawberry Margarita, all with 0 grams of sugar and 0 grams of net carbs. Amanda explains, “We found that what we were making didn’t exist, and every person around us that tried the liquid loved it!” The demand for great-tasting healthy beverages has led to explosive growth for the company, selling nearly 2 million cases since launching in 2019.

When asked about his favorite flavors, Adam shares, “It depends on my mood. I love mixing Lemon Lime and Cranberry, which tastes like Cherry Limeade, and quite frankly my favorite one is the one that’s cracked open in my hand.” The versatility of the products allows for easy custom cocktail creation, ideal for backyard gatherings and beach trips. No longer held back by restrictive diets, the Kroeners can now share their creations with friends and family.

Working side-by-side in business as a married couple comes with its fair share of challenges. Adam explains, “Amanda and I view the world very differently when it comes to risk, leverage, and what we take from a given situation.” But their contrasting perspectives end up complementing each other perfectly. He goes on, “I’ve always said, ‘I’m a kite floating in the wind; she’s the rock that I’m tied to, making sure I don’t go too far away from where I need to be.’” Together, they find a middle ground that draws on their strengths.

Carbliss  logo on a dune buggy during a race

The Kroeners also found creative ways to blend their personal and professional lives through sponsorship partnerships. With Adam’s lifelong passion for auto racing, Carbliss teamed up with numerous professional drivers across various circuits. From off-road trails, circle tracks, snowmobiles, and dune buggies, the Carbliss brand adorns the vehicles of almost 20 teams. Adam explains, “We specifically tailored our partnerships to help grow the Carbliss brand awareness while helping the teams subsidize their costs.” It’s a symbiotic relationship fueling growth for the brand while supporting the racing community.

Professionally, this pair has hit their stride, but they also emphasize the importance of balance. “We have incorporated the business into our life. Many people tout the toxicity of hustle culture. Our family lives, eats, and breathes the brand, and we are okay with that,” Adam states. They involve their kids in work events, occasionally help stock shelves on the weekends, and when possible, they rely on help from grandparents for the occasional date night.

Adam and Amanda Kroener have established themselves as trailblazers in the emerging ready-to-drink cocktail space in just a few short years. With passion, persistence, and two perfectly matched perspectives, this husband and wife team will no doubt continue shaking up the beverage industry for years.

Written in partnership with Ashley Crouch

UPDATED: SEP 25, 2023 12:20 PM