Our Story

Remember 2018? The movie “A Star is Born” was huge. Prince Harry married Megan Markle. Beyonce played Coachella.

And Adam and Amanda Kroener were on a diet.

A low calorie and low carb diet, to be more specific. But there was a problem: They liked to unwind at the end of a long day by enjoying a delicious cocktail. They quickly found out there weren’t a whole lot of diet friendly cocktail options out there.

So they began dabbling in hard seltzers. And while the nutrition information was to their liking, one thing was definitely not: The flavor. They simply couldn’t get past the drab and lifeless taste.

In a word: BLAH.

So they did what any focused and ambitious couple would do. They started mixing their own cocktails using vodka, sparkling water and natural flavor extracts.

Carbliss was born. And so was a mission.

A mission to serve anyone who wants to enjoy a hand crafted cocktail that is free of carbohydrates, sugars and calories. And it turns out the ease of having it all in one can was rather handy too.

So from our back yard to yours, we are absolutely certain you will find enjoyment in the pure clean flavors of Carbliss — with no carbohydrates, no sugars and only 100 calories.

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