Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Carbliss?

Carbliss can be found in restaurants/bars, grocery/liquor stores, event venues and through e-commerce. In your favorite grocery/liquor store, make sure you look in the Ready To Drink Section, that is where you will more than likely find Carbliss. The coolers are usually reserved for beer based products.

If your state doesn’t allow liquor to be sold into grocery stores, you will only find us in liquor stores!
See links below to locate the most convenient method for you to Find your Bliss.

When will Carbliss be available near me?

Carbliss is dedicated to finding the right partners to help grow the Carbliss brand. That means, we are taking our time to spread far and wide geographically. If your location is not listed as a state we are sold in, have you checked to see if you are in one of the many states we ship to via eCommerce at

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Is Carbliss a seltzer?

The definition of seltzer is carbonated water. So, by definition, yes! Carbliss’s main ingredient is water and has a low volume carbonation. Not to be confused with the difference between a ready to drink cocktail vs a malt-based beer seltzer.

If you’ve tasted our product, you know that we are FULL of flavor, and that’s why we refer to ourselves as a ready to drink cocktail.

Who makes Carbliss?

Carbliss is a Veteran- and Woman- owned company, co-founded by a couple out of Sheboygan County, Wisconsin. To learn more, read Our Story.

Where is Carbliss made?

Carbliss is a Wisconsin based company. The manufacturing facilities canning the product are in Idaho, Iowa and Ohio.

What is Carbliss made from?

All products have: Reverse Osmosis Purified Water, Hand Crafted Premium Vodka or Tequila, Natural Fruit Extract, Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate, Vegetable Juice for Color

Lemon, Lemon Lime, Cranberry and Black Raspberry all have Sucralose and Acesulfame Potassium for sweetener; Black Cherry and Margarita use only Sucralose for sweetener

Passion Fruit has Stevia as a sweetener


  • Lemon and Margarita use pineapple color and cloud (Cloud creates light refraction)
  • Cranberry uses antho carrot red and blue color
  • Black Raspberry and Black Cherry use antho carrot red and purple color
  • Passion fruit uses pineapple color (just more than lemon)
  • We do NOT use colors such as Red40 or Yellow5

What is Carbliss sweetened with?

Passion Fruit is sweetened with Stevia, the rest of the Carbliss flavors are sweetened with Sucralose.

Both Stevia and Sucralose offer a sweet taste without added calories or affecting your blood sugar levels. Stevia and Sucralose are also both 3+ times sweeter than a standard cane sugar, which allows Carbliss to add only the slightest amount of sweetener to achieve the perfect flavor.

Both Stevia and Sucralose DO NOT impact your glycemic index, which makes it a great option for people looking to cut out sugar for multiple reasons.

Is Carbliss gluten free?


What is the sodium content in Carbliss?

15-16mG per can

When was Carbliss made/invented?

Adam and Amanda Kroener developed Carbliss in July 2018 while on the low-carb, high-fat keto diet.

Why are some other seltzer brands priced less than Carbliss?

Carbliss is a premium hand crafted ready to drink cocktail made with spirits (vodka and tequila). Not only is the distilled spirit base more expensive than the typical malt, sugar-beer, based seltzers in the market. The taxation on the spirit-based product varies by state, but in general, is 10,000%  higher tax basis than malt-based products. In fact many brands use malt for this reason, it can be sold in more locations with beer licenses only and the taxation is far less. Carbliss has chosen the path of product excellence and chosen what in their opinion is the most superior ingredients.