Tasting Board and Flight Glasses


The Carbliss Tasting Board and Flight Glasses set is a cool way to level up your tasting game. This set is all about enjoying those Carbliss vibes in style.

The Tasting Board is not just good-looking; it’s colorful, light as a feather, and tough as nails. It’s the perfect home for four Flight Glasses, each one rocking the slick white Carbliss logo.

*Psst, Carbliss isn’t part of the package but you can buy it here. You bring the flavor; we’ve got the style covered.

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One 4×15 Tasting board with black Carbliss logo and Carbliss graphics. Four flight glasses with white embossed Carbliss logos.

Good to Know: Alcohol is not included with our tasting boards, but a good time is guaranteed whenever you include a Carbliss to your flight board! However, if you need to stock up on Carbliss, find your bliss at a retailer near you, or buy it online!