Shake Up Tradition with Every Sip

Who says margaritas are just for parties and beach days? The Carbliss Margarita Variety Pack is here to mix things up with its premium tequila and bold, guilt-free flavors. Whether it’s the bright burst of the Mango Margarita or the subtle tartness of the Raspberry Margarita, this variety pack’s got something for everyone who wants to make the most of every moment.

Strawberry Margarita

Strawberries are often just for desserts, but in our Strawberry Margarita, they’re the stars of the show. This drink celebrates strawberries in a big way, bringing an unforgettable sweet and slightly citrusy flavor.

Mango Margarita

Take yourself to the beach! Hazy orange in appearance, our Mango Margarita smells beautifully of sweet mango aromatics. You’ll find that it tastes like a ripe, fresh, succulent mango with mellow acidity. 

Raspberry Margarita

The beautiful pink color looks great “on the rocks.” The raspberry smell is apparent on the nose if you are walking through a raspberry patch. Lightly sweet and brightly tangy, the taste will send you into Summer!

Watermelon Margarita

The bright pink color looks just like the inside of this beautiful fruit. It’s the perfect balance of low carbonation and flavor—not like the artificial flavor people connect watermelon candy to. It tastes like a drippy, juicy, sweet watermelon with a touch of tangy sour notes—the perfect Watermelon Sugar high!

Make Your Voice Heard

Now’s your chance to shake things up. Which of these unique margaritas do you like the most? Vote for your favorite! The one with the most votes could become a new favorite for everyone.

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