Carbliss Hand Crafted Premium Cocktails Introduces the First Full-Flavor Ready-to-Drink (RTD) Mixed Pack Offering Three Types of Spirits

September 27, 2023

Featured in PRNewswire, Carbliss Hand Crafted Premium Cocktails, the popular guilt-free beverage introduces four new mouth-watering flavors to their zero carb, zero sugar, low-calorie line-up. Imagined by a Wisconsin husband and wife duo unwilling to sacrifice flavor for dull diet-friendly cocktails, the brand’s introduction of Moscow Mule (Vodka), Mojito (Rum), Strawberry Margarita (Tequila), and Paloma (Tequila) are four more flavors that make Carbliss the obvious choice your next get-together. 

The NEW Carbliss Cocktail Collection Pack featuring; Moscow Mule, Mojito, Strawberry Margarita, and Paloma.
The NEW Carbliss Cocktail Collection Pack features; Moscow Mule, Mojito, Strawberry Margarita, and Paloma.

While other brands are populating store shelves with new flavors, they are often loaded with sugar, high carbs, and full of calories. Carbliss saw this as an opportunity, to bring consumers a full-flavor premium cocktail without those unnecessary additions. They set themselves apart, becoming the first to offer bar-crafted beverages in a ready-to-drink can with an impressive nutrition panel.

Adam Kroener, CEO of Carbliss reflects on the process that the company endured to create its newest variety pack. “We did all this while also including three different distilled spirits in the pack; vodka, tequila, and rum,” said Kroener, CEO of Carbliss. “The products have a perfect balance of complexity, expected flavors, and limited carbonation to have the flavors dance around your tongue.”

The development of the four new flavors involved much complexity with the formulation and the time taken to achieve the best flavor. “We know it was worth it to continue to give our customers and consumers alike a full flavor experience without forcing your belt open a few more notches,” said Kroener, CEO of Carbliss.

Carbliss, a Wisconsin-based company has continued to grow, seeking an opportunity for expansion as seen with the newest release by introducing more spirits and flavors. The company has seen significant success outside of its home state Wisconsin, being named the number two canned cocktail in Minnesota and only finished being fully distributed in the state this February. Much success has been seen throughout Iowa as Carbliss is distributed only throughout 80% and is named the number two canned cocktail in Iowa. Carbliss is only sold to seven percent of the nation’s population and is ranked #10 in the RTD category nationally. The following statistics highlight Carbliss’s continued success:

  • #1 in Growth vs. Year Ago: Carbliss has secured the top position in terms of growth compared to the same period last year, surpassing all competitors.
  • 8X Category Leader: In addition to being the fastest-growing RTD brand, Carbliss outpaces its closest competitor, High Noon, by a significant margin.
  • #3 in Dollars Per Point of Distribution: Carbliss ranks third in terms of revenue generated per distribution point.

These statistics reflect Carbliss’s commitment to excellence in the RTD market. The company’s growth, leadership, and efficiency in distribution are evident in these outstanding results.

To learn more about the release of Carbliss’s new variety pack and where to purchase, visit and follow the brand on Facebook and Instagram @drinkcarbliss to stay updated.

Elly Udovich, Carbliss – 27, Sept 2023 – PRNewswire