A Glenbeulah Couple is Preparing to Launch a Line of Low-Calorie Canned Cocktails

September 12, 2023

The Sheboygan Press (USAToday Network) sits down with two Glenbeulah residents who are preparing to launch a new no-carb, low calorie canned cocktail. 

Carbliss is a vodka and sparkling water drink created by Adam Kroener and Amanda Lennartz. The Sheboygan County couple developed the beverage in July 2018 while on the low-carb, high-fat keto diet. In a press release, Kroener said he and Lennartz tried several hard seltzers that lacked the flavor they were looking for, so they created their own using vodka, flavored water and natural extracts.

“For several months, Amanda and I pondered, ‘Someone should put this in a can,'” Kroener said in the release. “Then, after a while, we decided that that someone would be us.”

A 12-ounce can of Carbliss, which will initially come in three flavors, contains no sugar and 100 calories, Kroener said.

Carbliss doesn’t have an official launch date yet, but Kroener said it will be available in the coming weeks, first at Festival Foods. 

Carbliss will be the first product to hit the market from Kroener and Lennartz’s company, SNFood & Beverage LLC, which they registered in September 2018. Ultimately, Kroener said, the company may expand its offerings to include other healthy food options.

The company is named after Kroener’s childhood friend Stefan Nicholas Fiedler. Kroener and Fielder dreamed of opening a bar together before Fielder died in a 2016 motorcycle accident.

“The name, SNFood & Beverage, is a way in which we can carry on Stefan’s name and the idea of doing a business together,” Kroener said.

Kroener plans to manage the sales and production sides of the business. His past experience includes about 10 years at Masters Gallery Foods, where he worked his way up to director of manufacturing. Lennartz’s background is in finance and human resources. In fact, she and Kroener met in 2014 when she hired him to work at an energy consulting firm, Kroener said.

The launch of Carbliss isn’t the only big event the pair have planned for this year. They’re getting married in September.

Kroener and Lennartz worked with the Sheboygan County Economic Development Corporation and the Small Business Development Center at UW-Green Bay to launch their business. 

Originally written: Megan Hart | July 12, 2019 | Sheboygan Press